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Don't know what a DAO is? Read this first.
The Nation3 DAO is an Aragon DAO with:
  • Two Agent app instances: One — called just Agent — is meant to hold funds and control non-sensitive actions, and the other one — called Critical Agent — is meant to control extraordinary or sensitive actions, such as minting new $NATION or making significant changes to the DAO itself.
  • Two Voting app instances: One per Agent app. The first one is governed by $veNATION holders with simple majority voting, and the other with supermajority (66%) and a minimum quorum (20%). The latter is the one used to decide on sensitive actions. More on its parameters can be read on Nation3's governance process.
Here's a breakdown with the permission structure:

What's currently governed by the DAO

  • Via Agent:
    • Its treasury, consisting of most of $NATION's initial supply.
    • The PassportIssuer smart contract that is used to mint and burn passports.
  • Via Critical Agent:
    • The $NATION token (the DAO can decide on the minting schedule, or cap the supply).
    • Its own voting parameters and other key DAO parameters.