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Guardian Guild

The Guardian Guild oversees the work that guild/contractors carry out for the Nation3 DAO.
It is elected by the Nation3 DAO and plays a key role in overseeing Nation3's executive branch.

Current members

The first Guardian Guild elections will be conducted in the following weeks. After that, the next Guardian Guild elections will be conduced on the 5th of May of 2024.

How to apply

The Nation3 DAO will hold yearly elections to choose the Guardian Guild.
To apply, you'll need to create a new post in this category within the Nation3 forum including:
  • The following statement: “I, [your name], with adress [your Ethereum address] understand, and agree to enter into, the agreement with the Nation3 DAO to fulfil my role as a Guardian in the Guardian Guild of Nation3, should I be elected by community vote”.
  • Relevant experience in financial oversight, product/technical, Web3 and/or DAOs.