What is a Nation3 agreement

Nation3 agreements aren't live yet. If you wanna be the first one to know, make sure to sign up to the waitlist.
A Nation3 agreement is a contract between two or more parties that is regulated by the laws of the Nation3 jurisdiction. It's akin to a legal contract in a traditional jurisdiction.
The parties that enter the agreement are legally bound by it, and can be taken to court (ultimately, the Supreme Court) in case they breach the agreement's terms.
The agreement's terms are a document in the English language and formatted using Linked Markdown. The terms can contain any arbitrary legal clauses, but must adhere to the Nation3 Constitution and law in effect.
In Nation3 agreements, each party enters the agreement with an amount of tokens (the collateral), which can be taken from them in case of breach to compensate the other parties in the agreement.
In case of misbehavior, any of the parties can open a dispute and the Nation3 courts will resolve the dispute and rule a fair outcome.