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What is a Nation3 Agreement

Nation3 Agreements is currently in beta. Eager to be among the first users? Dive into our beta user guide and embark on your internet-native contracts journey today.
A Nation3 Agreement is a contract between two or more parties, secured by the Nation3 Legal System. Think of it as an internet-native handshake, defined by mutually agreed terms and backed by crypto assets.
Each party puts a specific amount of assets as collateral when entering the agreement. These assets can only be claimed in case of a breach, to compensate any affected parties.
All parties in an Agreement are bound by its terms. If they breach those terms, they can be taken to a Nation3 Court (ultimately, the Supreme Court) for dispute resolution.
The terms of the agreement terms are set out in English, typically using Linked Markdown for clear formatting. The terms can include any clause agreed upon the parties, but must adhere to Nation3 Law and any other applicable laws.
Nation3 Agreements can cover all types of contracts, clearly defining each party's liability and offering a built-in, efficient way to resolve disputes in the internet age.\