🚧Agreements Beta

Nation3 Agreements is currently in beta. Eager to be among the first users? Read the following recommendations closely and embark on your internet-native contracts journey today.

Discovering Nation3 Agreements

Are you new to Nation3 Agreements? Start your journey here: What is a Nation3 Agreement

Understanding the Beta Phase

The Nation3 Legal System is a masterpiece in the making. As we consume our own product (a process known as 'dog-fooding'), we're refining our foundations, procedures, and user experience to deliver the most optimal solution.

  • πŸ“œ Rules & procedures. We're in the process of refining our rules and procedures. You can review the current rules under this section: Law section.

  • ⛓️ Smart Contracts. Our codebase is only internally audited at the moment, and we expect to enhance them based on insights from the beta phase.

  • πŸ—οΈ Key infrastructure. We're still developing crucial infrastructure for better reliability and user experience, including file management, indexing, notifications, and more.

  • 🌈 User interface. Our UI are continuously evolving, with new features and improvements being introduced almost every week.

How to participate in the Beta

You can participate in the beta via the Nation3 App. To join agreements, you'll need to deposit some $NATION tokens. Learn why here:Joining an agreement.

If you need $NATION in the testnet, require assistance, or want to provide feedback, connect with us on Discord.

Beta Progress Update

Here's a snapshot of our current progress and upcoming enhancements:

βœ… Basic Smart Contracts; Collateral Agreement Framework & Arbitrator. ⛓️

βœ… Initial User Interface 🌈

βœ… Preliminary Dispute Resolution Process πŸ“œ

🚧 Terms Access Management 🌈

🚧 Enhanced Dispute Resolution Experience 🌈

πŸ”œ Smart Contracts V1; Collateral, Streams & more... β›“οΈπŸ—οΈπŸŒˆ

πŸ”œ Appeal Process πŸ“œ

πŸ”œ Agreement Templates 🌈

⏳ Notifications πŸ—οΈπŸŒˆ

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