Vision, mission and values


To create an online-first nation state flourishing human creativity and morality.


We are building an online-first nation state with its own jurisdiction, court and system of law.
We issue our own cryptocurrency to incentivize economic development within the jurisdiction.
We issue our own passports to create an aligned community of critical-thinking citizens.
We aim to create the most reliable and efficient business environment to transact on the Internet.
We aim to eventually acquire land to create an archipelago of prosperous city states.


  • Freedom: We believe human freedom is a key enabler to living a fulfilling, happy life.
  • Justice: We believe that justice allows to enjoy individual freedoms while living in society.
  • Creativity: We believe that humans prosper by inventing and creating new things.
  • Critical thinking: We believe that critical thinking enables society to operate efficiently and get past dogmas or personal differences to build a better world.