Solar Guild

Solar Guild is helping build Nation3 by creating a small, laser-focused team of contributors.
Solar Guild's work culture:
  • Tight team (doesn’t want to grow past two-pizza team).
  • Extreme trust with each other.
  • Remote-first, with frequent in-person peace-room sessions.
  • Async by default.
  • Focus on delivering value, no time tracking.
  • Team = a cult & a family, loyalty is crucial.


  • ​Luis Cuende: Founding contributor at Nation3, previously cofounded Aragon, taking DAOs from $0 to their first $1bn AUM.
    When I got into Bitcoin, my imagination very quickly took me to a peaceful world of interconnected communities that organize over the Internet, very different to today’s world with oppressive monolithic states. I cofounded Aragon in 2016 because DAOs are the fundamental pillar for that to happen. After 6 years of work, the technology is finally ready for us to build cloud nations that will eventually supersede traditional countries. — Luis
  • ​Anastasiya Belyaeva: Founding contributor at Nation3, previously cofounded Fabric, Europe’s leading crypto VC.
    Born in Crimea, I have seen far too vividly what happens when nation states lack checks & balances, and are defined by the outdated notions of patriotism, war and sacrifice. I co-founded Fabric in 2017, when I got inspired by the promise and energy of the Web3 community to transform the fabric of our society. Five years in, and we finally have the tools we need to focus on what matters the most: re-shaping nation states to guarantee higher quality of life to humans, which in turn allows them the luxury to care — care about the environment, each other, and our peaceful future. — Anastasiya
  • ​Pi: Founding contributor at Nation3, smart contract developer and previously lead software engineer.
    Building new models that render the existing ones obsolete is the only effective way of bringing a better reality for us all. Traditional nation states have accumulated so much political debt and bureaucracy complexity that are unable to move forward. Hacking our way to new ones is the only way to secure a future for humanity. — Pi

How to apply

If you are interested in learning more, check out this page: